Are your clothes made ethically?

Ethical business as a whole is another one of CJMP's extremely important values. CJMP only uses factories which are based on ethical manufacturing. Our chosen factories are child labour & sweat shop free, pay at least minimum wage or more to staff, adhere to occupational health and safety workplace standards and try to minimize negative environmental impacts where possible.

Are your clothes animal cruelty free?

Yes CJMP can proudly say our brand is 100% cruelty free. We love animals! 

Are your products true to size?

Please use our sizing chart to ensure the correct fit. Our fabrics are also stretchy. 

Does my shipping include import tax?

No you will charged shipping import tax as per your countries legislation. 

 Is CJMP made from recycled fabric?

Not yet. Our goal & vision for the future is to be fully made from recycled materials. At CJMP we are environmentally conscious, long term sustainability of our planet is one of our highly regarded values.