About CJMP

CJMP was created for you, the woman with grit, who refuses to give up on her goals, who refuses to play it small and is loudly dreaming big because she knows she can achieve anything!

The CJMP community is for the women who support one another, who lift each other up and who go full force towards their goals - lets go to the next level together!

We are grateful to have you here!

We are a cruelty free, ethically manufactured brand.

We aim for all our fabrics to be completely recycled by 2025. 


A note from our creator Cassandra Jo:

CJMP evolved from wanting to share with you the confidence that's felt from putting on the perfectly fitted activewear set in the cutest colour that doesn't cost a ridiculous amount of money like some of the brands I was seeing! 

I am Australian born but Canadian living, I had to flee my home country because it was unsafe to live due to stalking & domestic violence. I am now a refugee in Canada!

I have been consistently training in the gym for 12 years now. The gym personally saved me from so much pain, I struggled with much darkness mentally & abuse throughout my life, the gym was always there for me on my darkest days, and it remains here for me on my best days.

After nearly losing my life to domestic violence and leaving everything I knew and loved behind in Australia for a chance at safety, training was the stepping stone to extreme amounts of growth as an individual, it was the start to working on & healing my mental pain - along with therapy, going sober, reading, meditation and journalling. My passion for the gym put me in alignment with creating a brand that cares about the bigger picture and I have never been more fulfilled. 

It was so satisfying and uplifting in those darker days for me to put on a gym fit that made me feel so confident, a bright colour to lighten the day, or a fit that perfectly lifted my butt.

That is why I am so passionate about what I do here at CJMP because I saw in my own personal experience and how something as little as a gym fit and smashing an extreme leg day can shift your mental state, even if its just a little.

My goal and vision for our brand is to help other women feel their own sense of confidence - to brighten their day with the perfect coloured set, the perfect fit, to become a part of their own health journey, to be contributing to a sustainable future and to be kind to all beings on this planet.  

So I share CJMP with you. After working tirelessly on making everything perfect, many months of testing, I know you will love our pieces just as much as we do!

Lots of Love,


Cassandra Jo
Founder & CEO